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Bibliography, Adult Fiction


The Lost Lover

U.K., de Geus 1994

in Dutch translation, de Geus 1994


Flying Crooked

U.K., Mainstream 2004 (under pseudonym: Elizabeth Gabriel)

U.S. and Canada, Greystone Press 2005

in Dutch translation, de Geus 2003

in Polish translation, Olimp Media 2009
in e-book, Mainstream Digital, May 2011


Stone on Stone

U.K., Gabriel Press, 2016


Tales of Truth and Lies

A personal anthology of short stories, some previously published.
Gabriel Press, 2023.


Other novels published in translation


A Cluster of Camphire

in Dutch translation, Netherlands, Contact 1988


The Small Rain

in Dutch translation, Contact 1990

in Danish translation, Rosinante 1991


Amsterdam Blues

in Dutch translation, de Geus 1992


Bibliography, Young Fiction


Hill of Darkness
A mysterious story set in the Seychelles and involving voodoo, based on my own childhood
Faber and Faber, 1995
Also published in translation in the Netherlands and Italy


Just Joshua
Is it true that Joshua’s father is a mountain man, one of those feared by the villagers? And what does that make Joshua?
O’Brien Press, 2003
(serialised on BBC Radio 7, 2005)

also in ebook, O'Brien Press 2012

Also published in translation in the Netherlands (where it won a prize), Germany and Japan

The Rock Boy
Set in Malta, this is about a refugee and the girl who finds him and hides him, partly in an ancient underground temple.
O’Brien Press, 2001; reissued November 2015.
Also published in translation in the Netherlands.

Turned into a children’s opera in Germany, Der Felsenjunge (composer Camille van Lunen) performed in Leverkusen/Cologne for a week in October 2005; performed in Bonn for 21 performances in December 2008

Leaving Home
Orphaned Sam has to leave behind his affluent life in the city: his computer, his trendy clothing, and his pride, to live with his aunt in a village in Malawi at the back of beyond. He must sleep on the floor in a one-roomed hut, sharing with his aunt and cousins. He misses his mother terribly, but she seems so very far away. How can he adjust? Where does he belong?
"You have to make a sacrifice. What is precious to you, you must give away.
And when you have given them away, you must speak no more of them…’
Andersen Press, 2008
Also available in ebook, Andersen Press 2011

Available in audio book, Oakhill Publishing, 2009

Also published in the U.S.A. (spring 2009) by Clarion Press

Also published in Dutch translation in the Netherlands – where it has won the top prize for a Dutch translation, as well as the Dutch IBBY Prize


Moorside Boy
Percy has come to Seggleswick in the Yorkshire Dales with his mother to live with her boyfriend.The boyfriend doesn’t like having a young lad around. To make things worse, Percy gets off on the wrong foot at school. He is lonely and unhappy. In his loneliness, he finds himself slipping back into the town in the 1840s. There, he is Benjamin Waugh, as real a boy then as Percy is now. In his past life he has a loving family and friends, especially Mary Ann who lives nearby. Together they help a lad who is at the mercy of his drunken father. Will the dramatic events of his Benjamin Waugh life influence his Percy life now?

Who is he, and what will become of him?

And who was Benjamin Waugh?

Published by Gabriel Press 2013

The White Lady
A scary ghost story set in a boarding school.

Published in Dutch translation.

The Lift
Two short scary stories, written for slow learners. One is about a boy who sees peculiar things at the dentist's; the other is about a lift in an apartment block and the weird happenings in there.

Published in English in the Netherlands.

Tales For A Dark Night
Can the twins Jacques and Julia stop their mother from leaving home, by telling her stories?

Published in Dutch translation.

Star Over Amsterdam
An up-to-date retelling of the Nativity set in Amsterdam where the Americans have marched in to keep order.

Also performed as a Christmas oratorio, composed by Camille van Lunen)

Published in Dutch translation.

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