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Just Joshua

A Canadian friend told me a story about his friends who used to stand outside the local hospital and catch the carvings that the local Inuits would throw from the ward when they were less than perfect. One of his friends collected them in a box. One day, he went out over the lake and chucked the lot in. No one understood why. That got me thinking. In my book, Joshua has a father who carves. His father is different too, just as he is different, though he doesn't realise it at first...

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‘A heart-warming book that retains its spell even when you have finishd reading it. Jan Michael is not afraid of drama; her sad passages are every bit as strong as the happier ones.’
De Morgen, Antwerp


‘Michael describes matters of emotional intensity almost serenely. She gives only subtle explanations and yet carries the reader along quite naturally in a strange world with unusual norms and values. You feel as if you’re watching a gripping documentary.’
NRC Handlesblad, Netherlands


‘An exciting story that is also a plea for openness and toleration.’

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Jugendliteratur & Medien, Germany


‘The appeal of Just Joshua is universal in its attempt to describe a child trying to find a place for himself in the world.’
The School Librarian, Ireland


‘I enjoyed the book from start to finish. There was nothing I disliked. As it’s set in the tropical islands, it teaches you about foreign customs. I would recommend it for 10 upwards.’
Evening Echo, Ireland (review by 12-year-old)

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