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Moorside Boy

Percy has come to Seggleswick in the Yorkshire Dales with his mother to live with her boyfriend.The boyfriend doesn’t like having a young lad around. To make things worse, Percy gets off on the wrong foot at school. He is lonely and unhappy. In his loneliness, he finds himself slipping back into the town in the 1840s. There, he is Benjamin Waugh, as real a boy then as Percy is now. In his past life he has a loving family and friends, especially Mary Ann who lives nearby. Together they help a lad who is at the mercy of his drunken father. Will the dramatic events of his Benjamin Waugh life influence his Percy life now?

Who is he, and what will become of him?

And who was Benjamin Waugh?

While being a good story, Moorside Boy will also appeal to all, adults and children alike, who love the Dales and its surrounding areas, as well as those who might enjoy knowing more about Benjamin Waugh, founder of the NSPCC, who was born and brought up in Settle and features importantly in the book.






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